Mistress Xenia loves to train and humble, make you crawl and cry. And it's also possible to do with Skype/webcam, phone, e-mail or mix these methods. If you can't or even want to meet me, if you are so shy or so low creature that you can't show your face anywhere...this is your change to please Me. Your Mistress Xenia can put you on your knees via

1) Skype with webcamera - you will see me on my black leather corset and stiletto shoes.

2) Chat - I can give you some exercises and punishments.

3) Phone - I can humble and torture you verbally.

4) SMS - same than chat and phone, but more briefly.

5) e-mail - I can tell you how I'm going to treat you when you are in session, give you exercises, punishments, send you a picture for a reward for a job well done, if you have earn it.

Let me know wich method you're interested in and send me first e-mail mistressxenia(a)windowslive.com Tell me briefly what you want, what kind of session do you wish and what kind of method. Which fetishes do you have or how do you want me to treat you. If your fantasies are realistic and amuse me, than better I can make your dream come true. It's important to know what do you expect me to do with you. If you are in doubt whether you do this, you want to ask something or you are unsure of how to take care of the payment, please contact me.


If you don't have a clue what you want, I got plenty of ideas to train you. You can donate me amount of your choice and I will create something for you. You'll be on my leach 30 days. Are you ready to try?


If you pay 150 euros you get 1 phonesession (20 min) and 2-4 e-mails with tasks and/or exercises.

If you pay 250 euros you get 2 phonesessions (20 min.) and 4-6 e-mails with tasks and/or exercises.


Send me a e-mail mistressxenia(a)windowslive.com and tell me briefly what do you wish to do, what kind of items of interest do you have and what kind of scedule do you have. And we will agree how to go forward.


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You can reach me in English best by email



041-811 6090


Mikäli en vastaa, soita uudelleen tai lähetä tekstiviesti (SMS).

Voit anoa soitto/tapaamisaikaa.

En vastaa tuntemattomiin numeroihin!


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