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Welcome to Mistress Xenia's homepage!

If you are interested in experiencing something different and enjoyable in my shiny rubber and leather scented world, you have come to the right place. Here's a short introduction about me - Mistress Xenia - and instructions for how to get under my shiny boots and deeper into the BDSM's fascinating world.

I am an experienced, divine lifestyle Dominatrix, who enjoys extremely S/M and Fetish sessions and role play. I change my style all the time, and it depends on you, slave, which kind of session I will make. I can be kind, cruel or sadistic ... you never know. I love to experiment with different things, within the agreed frames and safety in line with improvisation. I will not cause you permanent injury. Corporal punishment, bondage, trampling, CBT, role play... just to mention a few things that may be included in our session. I will give you a safety word, in case you find the session too rough. There are a few things, however, which I won't do. I don't offer you any sexual services, perform naked or topless, use needles nor submit to you.

The real submissive gentleman has surely, after reaching so far, understood that this is not charity. The appropriate compensation shall be determined in most cases to be a gift token / gift, or just cold, hard cash. Session length also varies from 60 to 90 minutes - even longer - according to agreement. I demand cleanliness and timeliness, not to mention you're free of intoxicants when you come to a session!

Things won't always go as planned, if you need to cancel please do so in a timely manner! That shows you value my pre-planning for the session, and it will ensure your access to a session in the future.

You will meet me in a well equipped dungeon in Helsinki, but only by appointment. At first, contact me by e-mail. Be honest, tell me briefly what you would like to experience. If you prove worthy, I decide you are good enough to crawl at my feet and lick my boots. Remember, NO SEX!! A guest Mistress can attend our session if requested. Inquire if you are interested, that is, if you dare!

So... Take the first step... and send me email!



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041-811 6090


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